Next Gen Wiper Blades Improve Visibility

Manufacturers continue making subtle improvements to the humble windshield wiper blade. Higher-end blades swap out rubber for silicone, and some windshield wiper blades even come pre-coated with rain repellent, a subtle touch that enhances visibility in a downpour.

Multitasking makes life easier, especially when it comes to car care.

Take the windshield wiper. On its own it’s a necessary, life-saving device included on every car, truck and SUV sold in the United States.

Now take that wiper blade and coat it in rain repellent, and you have a device that exponentially improves visibility during torrential rain.

“It’s the ultimate two-in-one solution in that these wipers both ‘clear and repel’ water,” said Cheryl Petrishin, brand manager at Rain-X. “It’s a smart innovation that is easy to install and improves visibility.”

Petrishin recommends installing pair of water repelling, synthetic-blend rubber blades and letting them run on a clean, dry windshield for two minutes for the coating to adhere to the glass.

“Once activated, the water repellent will last for months,” Petrishin said.

Below, Petrishin outlines benefits of windshield wipers coated with rain repellent, as well as how to shop for and use them.

  • Improved visibility. Water repellent wipers allow the water to bead up and fly away while you are driving.
  • Consider buying a synthetic-blend rubber blade. Blades made of synthetics or silicone better withstand extreme weather conditions. Hot summer days can wither and crack traditional rubber inserts.
  • Flexible, beam blade technology. You want a blade that curves along the windshield for an efficient, streak-free wipe.
  • Mute the chatter. Look for an aerodynamic device that reduces noise and wind lift.
  • Plan ahead. It is recommended to change your wiper blades once a year. Change your blades ahead of the next big storm for the clearest driving visibility.

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