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Latest Brake Technologies Emphasize Pedestrian Safety

Automatic Emergency Braking is a driver-assistance technology that can apply the brakes when a crash is imminent.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently announced they will grade Automatic Emergency Braking Systems on their ability to detect and avoid pedestrians.

Find out more about this innovative technology and how the IIHS judges it.

Beware: Infants, Pets At high Risk In Unattended Vehicles

Summer sun can raise temperatures inside a parked car to fatal levels.

Last year, 51 children and an untold number of pets suffered fatal heat strokes from being left inside a parked vehicle. Here are some tips for keeping family and friends safe, including the four-legged kind.

Telltale Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brakes

That high-pitched squeal coming from the front of your car could mean it’s time for new brake pads. Experts recommend a brake inspection--before a simple replacement turns into a major repair.

Glacier National Park: More Than A Century Of 'Wow!'

It’s more than a century old and still looking majestic.

Glacier National Park in Montana officially became a national park in May 1910. Here’s what to know if you’re planning a trip out to this national treasure.

Easy Tips Keep Your Ride Looking Sharp All Summer

A vehicle can go from looking sharp to shabby in a matter of days.

Here are five tips for keeping your ride looking and feeling fresh all summer long--without spending all day cleaning and buffing.

How To Simplify Your Car Wash Routine

Nothing keeps a vehicle looking better than regular washing followed by an application of quality wax.

Did you know your good deed inadvertently could scratch the vehicle’s surface? Here’s an easy way to help avoid scratches caused by wash bucket contaminants.

Accident Apps Offer Tips In Time of Crisis

The stress of vehicle accidents--tire blowout, getting struck by another vehicle or even witnessing an accident--can cause forgetfulness, according to researchers.

Fortunately, there are apps for that. See how helpful mobile tools can provide first-aid and accident guidance in an emergency.